Collision Analyst

accident%20fifth%204The Collision Analyst Program is a support service to the patrol officer. There are 4 levels of training and expertise involved in the delivery of this support. Level I and Level II are basic investigative processes and are meant to provide a background and foundation for the 2 advanced levels.

Level III Collision Analysts receive 3 weeks of very specialized training focusing on math, physics and the forensic analysis of crash scenes, equipment and victims. Using highly technical forensic mapping devices and high-end computer software the Level III Collision Analyst is able to determine among other things; pre collision speed, lane placement, occupant placement, seatbelt usage and causal factors. The Collision Analyst is trained to such a degree that he/she can be considered an expert witness in Court proceedings.

The Level IV Collision Reconstructionist received an additional 3 weeks of highly specialized training in addition math and physics. The Level IV Reconstructionist is then capable of determining speed from vehicle momentum post-collision where sufficient evidence exists to provide the necessary data. The Level IV Reconstructionist is usually involved in multi-vehicle collisions.

There are additional modules offered within the Level III and Level IV programs that deal with; motorcycles, pedestrians and large equipment.shutterstock_693123101-1024x683

The Weyburn PS is fortunate to have 2 Level III trained Collision Analysts. Should the need for the expertise of a Level IV Reconstructionist arise the services of the RCMP are utilized.

This Level of training and expertise are particularly beneficial in those tragic crashes where no one is left to explain what happened. It is then up to the expertise of the Analyst, through the examination and interpretation of the evidence, to render their opinion and provide at least some small measure of closure to the family.

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