The business plan serves as a roadmap for the Weyburn Police Services and provides the Chief of Police with direction through goals and objectives in collaboration with the Weyburn Board of Police Commissioners.

The Weyburn Police Service implements this business plan on a yearly basis to meet these key areas and goals.

2023 WPS Business Plan

Working together for a safer community is the top priority for the Weyburn Police Service in its strategic plan. The business plan was adopted by the Weyburn Board of Police Commissioners in 2021. The 2023 WPS Business Plan is an extension of the previous plan, that enhances the overall strategies and measurables.

View the 2023 WPS Business Plan.

View the 2021 WPS Business Plan.

The plan places an emphasis on partnerships and collaboration, community engagement and reinforces the organization’s ongoing commitment to ensuring accountability, transparency, and responsibility.

Chief Jamie Blunden
2023 Chief’s Message

2023 Goals

The 2023 WPS Business Plan goals deliver a strategic framework and outlines the future direction of the Weyburn Police Service. A safe and healthy community are key areas of focus from 2021 – 2026.

Goal 1 – Ensuring A Safer Community For All


  • Enhancement and continued efforts of the drug strategy established
  • Enhanced visibility strategy
  • Traffic safety strategy

Goal 2 – Healthy Organization


  • Strategies to enhance employee safety, health and wellness
  • Enhanced training and professionalism within the WPS
  • Strategies to enhance the WPS’ financial health
  • Enhanced relationship with city officials and staff

Goal 3 – Community Engagement


  • Enhance transparency and accountability to the community
  • Develop partnerships with external organizations and agencies

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