Kids Help Phone

All calls we receive are anonymous and confidential.

Anonymous means that you don’t have to tell us your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address

We don’t have caller ID, so we can’t track your call.

Confidential means it’s just between you and the counsellor, no matter what. Our service is about helping you, not spreading your secrets around.


Really. We take your privacy very seriously.

Are you going to rat me out?

No. Even if you’ve done something that you’re worried about, you can trust us to keep it private.


The only time we would ever go against our anonymous and confidential promise is if you tell us that someone is hurting you, has hurt you, or is likely to hurt you in the future, AND you give us personal info, like your name or address. We can’t get anyone else involved if you choose to stay anonymous. We will also need to report it if you tell us you are planning to hurt yourself or someone else, or if you have committed a crime–but remember, you have to tell us who you are for us to do that.


It is illegal for counsellors not to report abuse situations to the police, but they would have to know who you are and what is happening to you in order to report the abuse.

Call 1-800-668-6868 anytime.