Alternative Measures/Extrajudicial Sanctions

A process in which Young Offenders/Adults Offenders are removed from the criminal justice system while holding the offender accountable for the action involving direct involvement with victim(s) if suitable


Extrajudicial sanction may NOT be use if:

  1. A young person denies participation in the commission of the offense
  2. A young person refuses to participate
  3. Offence is excluded
  4. The offender is excluded as a result of significant failure to complete previous diversions, or the existence of other significant charges that call into question the appropriateness of extrajudicial sanctions
  5. Referral agent (police, Crown) does not think that the offender or offense is suitable
  6. An Extrajudicial Sanctions program is not available in your area

Offences excluded:

  1. Incidents involving the use or threatened use of a weapon
  2. Violence against the person cases (adult or child), where the crown elects to proceed by way of indictment (ex – murder or sexual assault)
  3. Child abuse cases
  4. Perjury
  5. Driving while disqualified
  6. All Criminal Code driving offences with alcohol or drugs as a contributing factor
  7. Any federal offence other than Criminal Code
  8. All family violence cases

If at any time, a person denies responsibility for the offence or is unwilling to complete the terms of the agreement, the case is excluded from further involvement in the program.

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