June 2016 60 Zone Traffic Blitz with Weyburn RCMP CTSS, Weyburn Police CTSS, Canadian Pacific Police, & Saskatchewan Transport Patrol

Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) is as the name suggests a combined traffic enforcement unit with a Provincial mandate and is composed of Members of the RCMP and various Municipal Police Services. There currently is a Unit in the central part of the Province (Saskatoon & Prince Albert Police Service), a unit in the southeast part of the Province (Weyburn & Estevan Police Service), and a unit in south-central part of the Province (Moose Jaw & Regina Police Service) . Municipal Members have legislative authority Province-wide and will participate both in their respective cities as well as on the highways of their areas.

This initiative came about as a result of the All-Party Traffic Safety Report presented to the Saskatchewan Legislature. Funding for this initiative consists of a reallocation of resources from existing police positions being supplied by the Ministry of Justice and new positions created through funding from SGI. The Weyburn Police Service is pleased to be able to supply 2 Members to this Unit and are confident that this coordinated enforcement team will have a significant positive impact on reducing crashes within the southeast area.

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