School Safety Patrol

School crossing signThe City of Weyburn’s School Safety Patrol Program is comprised of grade five and six students of St. Michael, Haig, Assiniboia Park, and Souris Schools. With the guidance of law enforcement officers and leadership of their teachers, patrollers are taught many fundamental skills designed by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

With safety a number one priority, patrollers are instructed to remain at the curb to complete their duties unless their view is obstructed. In addition, patrollers monitor traffic and follow the three regulatory positions below:

Waiting Position – Standing still with hands behind back
Holding Position – Standing still with hands stretched out to the sides and slightly down with palms facing back
Crossing Position – Alertly standing and monitoring traffic while giving a safe walk hand gesture

Police lead lectures, and training scenarios help prepare students to assure the safe crossing of all pedestrians. To ensure proper procedure, both police and teachers monitor students. When caught doing a good job, patrollers are often rewarded incentives donated by local businesses.

In addition, student patrollers are chosen to represent their schools at the Provincial School Safety Patrol Jamboree in Regina, Saskatchewan. The three-day agenda includes events such as a visit to the RCMP Barrack and Museum, a trip to the Saskatchewan Legislature, Science Center, and Imax Theater. Students also attend such activities as swimming and bowling.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the CAA for their partnership in sending patrollers and a chaperone to this event. We would also like to congratulate all the safety patrol students for doing such an excellent job and also for setting a good example for future patrol teams!