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Do I get paid when I am going to Police College?

Yes, the salary will change in accordance with the Weyburn Police Service collective agreement.

Is there a fee to write the SIGMA?

No. It is paid for by the Weyburn Police Service.

Is there a fee to run the POPAT?

It is paid for by the Weyburn Police Service once you reach the final selection phase.

If I wrote the SIGMA exam in another city do I have to write it again in Weyburn?

No, we will recognize the mark obtained in another city, but only another city in Saskatchewan as this is governed by the Saskatchewan Police Act.

How often does WPS accept applications?

Applications are accepted year round, they are placed in a data base and a list of qualified applicant is generated for each open position.

Where do I live if I go to Police College?

If you are hired by the Weyburn Police Service and attending Police College at the University of Regina you will stay at the Police College.

What happens when I am finished Police College?

There will be an orientation period at the Weyburn Police Service. You will be assigned a shift and will be teamed up with a Field Training Officer who you will be with for the remainder of your field training. The field training is approximately 6 months.

Is it necessary to go to University to be a police officer?

The Saskatchewan Police Act states you must have a grade 12 or the equivalent. The Weyburn Police Service will give priority consideration to those who have 2 years post secondary education and/or an extended period of work experience with increasing performance responsibilities.

If I am going to take some University classes what should I take?

The Weyburn Police Service asks for 2 years post secondary education. The University of Regina offers a Bachelor of Arts in Police Studies, the Weyburn Police Service recognizes this degree as the education of choice to become a police officer.

Is the degree in police studies the only education the Weyburn Police Service will take?

No, any post secondary education qualifies.