Civilian Staff

There are several civilian positions at the Weyburn Police Service, such as:

  • communication officer/dispatcherIMAG1166_1
  • casual communication officer/dispatcher
  • guard
  • vehicle cleaner

The hiring process for civilian positions includes:

  • providing the following:
  • preliminary interview with a selection committee
  • employment and character reference check
  • completion of a Personal Disclosure Form and Personal History Form
  • thorough background investigation
  • security clearance check
  • fingerprints

Once hired, you will receive several hours of in-house training. Communication Officers/Dispatchers will also receive specialized training needed for the different computer systems. This is paid training held outside of Weyburn.

Remember the nature of the organization you are seeking employment with. The expectations regarding the level of professionalism and accountability expected of civilian staff, is second to none. The following are some of the things you should be mindful of, during the selection process.

  • Honesty – Anything you say may be investigated for verificationIMAG1165_1
  • Integrity
  • Demeanor
  • Attire
  • Punctuality
  • Language (Verbal & Body)
  • Listen to any directions given
  • Listen carefully to the question
  • Be specific in your responses
  • Link your responses directly to the question asked
  • Ensure your responses deal with what YOU did in a specific example
  • Keep your examples simple, while providing sufficient information that will clearly show how you demonstrate the dimension asked
  • Professionalism